Original letter misunderstood

Reader Input
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In response to Mr. (Jim) Beall Sr.’s letter (Reader Input, March 8), he obviously didn’t understand the original letter and let his emotions respond for him. In the original letter it was aimed at morality, not gay marriages causing corruption in our government. In fact, the corruptness of our government was not even mentioned. It is mentioned in Mr. Beall’s letter so he should be writing about our corrupt government. Also, the letter didn’t say that our Constitution was written by perfect, angelic beings who have never made mistakes or done anything wrong. It simply states that the Constitution was written by people who believed in morality and, by the way Mr. Beall, our Constitution probably was the best ever in the entire world. This country was founded on godly principles and nowhere in the Bible do I find the creator saying that he approves of man sleeping with man. You might have a newer updated version of a Bible than I have. Also, whether or not any group has engaged in immoral or inhuman activities does not make it correct and mean we have to change everything to accommodate their beliefs. Our great country does not take the stance that other countries have or are taking against gay activities. If you’re unhappy with this country’s stand against gays, then there is nothing stopping you from moving to another country that may allow it. Donald Adams, Auburn