Our country has gone to hell

Reader Input
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First of all, get the jackass out of Washington. He does not want us to be the U.S. of A. He wants us to be the United Nations so he can get all the votes from noncitizens. Second, stop putting the blame on George Bush for “9/11.” He didn’t bomb New York. He did not start the war. Third, I do not understand the way tuition is going for our college students. They have to pay more tuition when our president is allowing students from other countries to come and pay nothing. Fourth, tell the first so-called lady to shut her mouth about America’s obese people. It is none of her business how people are. It is their lives, not hers. I am 80 years old and I have lived all this time in our beautiful country. I remember my six uncles who fought to protect our country in World War II and my husband in Vietnam. All I can say is “God bless America” and “God bless our servicemen.” Dee Nann, Christian Valley