Our leaders are ripping us off

Reader Input
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I just read in the Monday paper (Journal, Nov. 22) the pay and benefits for all of our civic leaders. This is absolutely ridiculous. Their pay is high and the benefits are unlimited as they always ask for more. The old trick seems to be that some other cities or counties pay even more. That I really don’t care about. What will these folks do next for more, quote the City of Bell? Our manager, (Bob) Richardson, has everything given to him. High salary, paid auto, paid medical and dental, retirement plan. Guess he will now cite some L.A. or S.F. pay scale in an attempt to get even more. He is just one of the many civil service employees, local, state and federal, that are fleecing the public. And as this all takes place many are out of work and suffering. When and where will the thieves stop? These people should take cuts and, by the way, pay their own on all extras. Ugh! (Call me a) disgusted citizen. Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn