Our rights are under attack

Reader Input
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What better day to protest our present situation of taxation without representation, than on the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. If you haven’t noticed, a majority of Congress is in the process of destroying our Constitution. Freedom of expression and freedom from double jeopardy are guaranteed rights under the First and Fifth Amendments. Right now Congress is attempting to limit these rights: by identifying any opinion that disagrees with them as “hate” speech, and by allowing retrial of lower court decisions in Federal Court if the verdict appears to be too lenient. To those of you that think conservatives should just leave, Congress has passed a law requiring forfeiture of 50 percent of your wealth should you choose to do so. Before replying to this letter, I suggest you read “Rules for Radicals” by Sol Olinsky, and “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine or Glenn Beck. KATE WILLIS, Tea Party member, Foresthill