Our view: Duran right choice for supervisor seat

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It’s time for voters to send a message to our county officials: We want a change. This June, Roseville residents should vote for Jack Duran, the challenger to incumbent Rocky Rockholm for the District 1 Placer County Board of Supervisor’s seat. Duran is the right choice for Roseville voters as well as the rest of the county. His platform of leadership by example and more transparency in government spending make him the most open candidate and one who doesn’t seem beholden to the “good ol’ boy” network. Right now, the county’s top executives, who seem overpaid when compared to other counties, are asking county workers to take furlough days and take cuts that don’t seem to make sense or, at the very least, are not well explained. As a result, county management is at odds with employee groups, including the Placer County Deputy Sheriff’s Association. The association has thrown its support behind Duran, saying they believe the supervisorial candidate has the “courage, character and commitment to restore public accountability.” Wally Reemelin, president of the League of Placer County Taxpayers, is also standing behind Duran. Duran has criticized supervisors’ and the county’s spending habits. The District 1 candidate said he wants county revenues and expenditures posted online for all to see. In an effort to lead by example, Duran said he will not use a taxpayer-funded car or use county money to purchase meals. Duran has proven his leadership abilities as a former deputy attorney general for the California Department of Justice and last year’s president of the Roseville High School District Board of Trustees. As board president, Duran said he helped the district weather tough cuts by meeting with both sides to hash out what services and costs were necessary versus what schools could do without. His openness toward collaboration and his drive to encourage a sense of trust among all parties involved seem to help everyone work together. Also, as an attorney who has represented both labor and management groups, Duran would be a good facilitator of communication that would lead to fair budgetary restraints during these difficult financial times. Incumbent Rockholm, a former Roseville police officer, has the endorsements of Placer County Sheriff Ed Bonner, four members of the Roseville and Rocklin city councils, Assemblyman Ted Gaines, R-Roseville, and others. While Rockholm has connections throughout the district and region, his leadership and integrity have been tested in his four-year term. His approach to merit raises and county management has been slow and reactive, and he has rarely spoken out against recommendations from the county executive’s office. Duran, on the other hand, appears to be a supervisor who would be an independent thinker and someone who would challenge county executive Tom Miller’s decisions. Voters have become rightfully concerned about the appearance of conflicts of interest and irresponsible spending by the current board and county executives. Duran’s desire for openness is refreshing. Send the board and county a message that taxpayers are not satisfied with our current decision makers — vote for Jack Duran.