Our View: A few words to own as school year starts

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A few words about a few words as Auburn schools ready for their heady back-to-school days: Teamwork. Passion. Work. Trust. Success. A majority of students in public schools in the area return to classrooms Wednesday. A spirit of teamwork will get students, teachers and parents through the getting-to-know-you, getting-used-to-the-schedule, getting-used-to-getting-up-so-early stage and, hopefully, carry “team” members through to the end of the year, with many happy, successful milestones along the way. Passion is crucial. In studies. In extra-curricular activities. In classrooms, in the way teachers present their lessons. And that passion for the work and the challenges in the year ahead is viral as well as vital. Anyone involved with schools should live that passion for learning — and spread that passion out into the community. After the last rah-rahs have echoed away and the pompoms have stopped rustling, work is what school really comes down to. But, again, passion for work — for overcoming obstacles and taking pride in even small breakthroughs — is what education is about. Trust is key as new students, new teachers and new school officials are absorbed into a school system in the Auburn rich with accomplishments, history and pride. Local students are following in the footsteps and pen prints of the likes of “Bud” Anderson (World War II triple ace and recent inductee into the National Aviation Hall of Fame), Ben Nighthorse Campbell (a retired U.S. senator who captained the 1964 Olympic judo team), Western States Trail pioneer Wendell Robie, and Olympic gold-medal-winning pole vaulter Stacy Dragila. They have to know that at the end of the day, at the end of the year, and at the end of their school years locally, things are going to turn out fine. And everyone has to uphold that trust by working together as a team, showing real passion for learning, and working hard to meet individual and wider goals. As the calendar winds down to next June 4, the last day of school for most students in the area, all that commitment should invariably lead to success — for students, teachers, parents, and ultimately, for the community. These few, small but powerful, words — teamwork, passion, work, trust and success — should help see them through.