Our View: McCann Award recognizes the best of Auburn

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It’s a privilege to live in a community where you can recognize those who work tirelessly to make it a better place.
And that’s just what the Vernon Gould McCann Award does every year at Auburn’s annual celebration of its accomplishments.
The McCann Award, named after longtime Auburn Journal employee “Mac” McCann, honors one community member each year for their unselfish devotion and effort to do what’s best for Auburn.
The award is the most prestigious honor given at the annual Auburn State of the Community Dinner, which is slated for May 11. The ceremony also recognizes those in business, education, nonprofits, government, health and other areas who contribute to Auburn. 
The McCann Award, however, is the culmination of a night of praising those who use their efforts to make Auburn a better place. The McCann Award recognizes a person with passion and commitment to do good for others and someone who continually inspires those around them to do more.
A look at the past winners in the award’s 33-year history will show that it truly is a special honor. Not only that, a long list of people who’ve gone above and beyond for their community shows just how important giving is to Auburn.
Bob Snyder, the 2011 recipient of the McCann Award, put it well when he said community spirit is a tradition here.
“We have a wonderful tradition of doing things here through community involvement and I hope that’s preserved forever,” Snyder said last year. “I think it’s the history of people coming here and making better lives for themselves. When someone has an idea they’ll pursue it and make it happen.”
Continue the tradition of giving to our community. Volunteer, support local events and organizations, and find ways to preserve and enhance the qualities that make Auburn special.

Nominate an Auburnite
If you know someone worthy of the Vernon Gould McCann Award, send your nomination and supporting documents to:
McCann Award, c/o Editor, Auburn Journal, 1030 High St., Auburn, CA 95603, or
e-mail to:
Deadline for nominations is Wednesday, March 28.

McCann Award Winners:
1979: Maurine Dobbas
1980: John Robinson
1981: Joe Chevreaux
1982: Jug Covich
1983: Vic Roumage &
    Virginia Fleming
1984: John G. “Jack” Walsh
1985: Norma Harris
1986: Ralph Roper
1987: Jean Couzens
1988: Steve Barooshian
1989: Cliff Merriam
1990: Gloria Cavenee
1991: Ralph Swann
1992: Helen Harlowe & Harry Rosenberry
1993: Max Strawser
1994: Vic & Bobbie Tamietti
1995: Annabelle McCord
1996: Jack Veal & Bob
1997: E. Ken Tokutomi
1998: Sue Dings
1999: Marilyn Gehlbach
2000: Monroe DeJarnette
2001: Doris Viera
2002: Richard Yue
2003: Bill Lipschultz
2004: Helen Bale /
    Esther Stanton
2005: Virgil Traynor
2006: Nick Willick
2007: Linda Robinson
2008: Harvey Roper
2009: Bart Ruud
2010: Cheryl Maki
2011: Bob Snyder