Our View: Nominations sought for Auburn’s most prestigious award

Our View
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They just do it, and it’s time again to recognize the special person who shines above the rest in making Auburn a great place to live. Nominations are now being accepted at the Auburn Journal office for this year’s prestigious Vernon Gould McCann Award for community service, named after the affable “Mac” McCann. A longtime Journal employee, McCann’s undying love for Auburn and enthusiasm for serving it was memorialized three decades ago with the award — Auburn’s most coveted. The McCann Award will be one of several announced at the annual State of the Community Dinner on Friday, April 15. Hosted by the Auburn Chamber of Commerce, the event recognizes top businesses, educators, government employees and others. But it’s the McCann Award that gets the most attention, and understandably so. The award recognizes the special person who goes out of their way — on their own time and often at their own expense — to make Auburn a better place to live, work and play. Humble and smart, courageous and courteous, connected and generous, McCann Award winners turn words into action. They bring other volunteers along for the ride, and inspire them to do more than they ever thought possible. Some 37 McCann Award winners have earned the honor since 1979, and Auburn has proven fertile ground for others who step out of their comfort zones to make the community stronger. Young or old — worthy of the McCann Award or not — community service should be a core value of every person living here. There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities available assisting local seniors, the homeless, health care, cultural arts and the environment. Like saving for retirement, community service has a way of returning on its investment. The earlier one starts, the more one receives. Pick one project or one volunteer assignment and see what happens. And maybe, some day, those projects will roll up in the recognition of the Vernon Gould McCann Award. ------------------------ Vernon Gould McCann Award If you know someone worthy of the McCann Award, send your nomination and supporting documents to: McCann Award, c/o Editor, Auburn Journal, 1030 High St., Auburn, CA 95603, or e-mail to: dericr@goldcountrymedia. com. The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, March 23. -------------------------- McCann Award Winners: 1979: Maurine Dobbas 1980: John Robinson 1981: Joe Chevreaux 1982: Jug Covich 1983: Vic Roumage & Virginia Fleming 1984: John G. “Jack” Walsh 1985: Norma Harris 1986: Ralph Roper 1987: Jean Couzens 1988: Steve Barooshian 1989: Cliff Merriam 1990: Gloria Cavenee 1991: Ralph Swann 1992: Helen Harlowe & Harry Rosenberry 1993: Max Strawser 1994: Vic & Bobbie Tamietti 1995: Annabelle McCord 1996: Jack Veal & Bob Robinson 1997: E. Ken Tokutomi 1998: Sue Dings 1999: Marilyn Gehlbach 2000: Monroe DeJarnette 2001: Doris Viera 2002: Richard Yue 2003: Bill Lipschultz 2004: Helen Bale / Esther Stanton 2005: Virgil Traynor 2006: Nick Willick 2007: Linda Robinson 2008: Harvey Roper 2009: Bart Ruud 2010: Cheryl Maki