Out of tragedy comes positive change

Reader Input
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Thank you, Placer County supervisors, Auburn Journal and community one-and-all, for the support my family and I have received since June 5 when our little Lucky girl was taken from us. I am so pleased that the Journal was able to keep the public aware of this vicious animal issue and the rapid way in which it was handled. We wish to especially thank Dr. Mark Starr and his Animal Services staff for the part they played in taking immediate action. From the day of Lucky’s death to the day Placer County had a revised leash law was less than three months. Unfortunately it takes an event of great proportion to accomplish a much-needed result. On another topic I want to say how much I enjoy the changes that are occurring in the Auburn Journal. I have read the Journal for years and see when changes have occurred. The headlines are bigger, the pictures bigger and brighter and the nation and international news coming off the AP makes for a fatter paper. The Journal is growing as our community grows. Thank you one and all. Delta Wilson-Ricky, Auburn