Outlawing won’t stop it

Reader Input
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What a nice write-up about the abortion situation (Jan. 22). How sad so many lives have been lost. Too bad more men and women don’t do what it takes to keep from getting pregnant, than ending the pregnancy. When it comes to the politicians voting against any kind of abortion, I have a question. Why do any “males” get to vote about this? Males are involved with a pregnancy for a handful of minutes in the beginning. Women have to deal with the close to 400,000 minutes being pregnant till birth. Then there is the pain of the birth. Then add in the raising of the child, possibly without the dad. I know every situation is different. It seems women should be the only ones to be able to vote yes or no on abortions. Parents should be drilling into their kids about what happens, how it happens, what not to do. If legal abortions are stopped, then society will have to return to illegal abortions. Hopefully common-sense kicks in to help with women’s health. God help us all. SALLY PALMER DAWLEY, Auburn