Owner says dogs are ‘very kind’

Defense attorney adds that pitbulls not aggressive before attack
By: Jenifer Gee Journal Staff Writer
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The 27-year-old owner said he was very surprised to hear that his four pitbulls attacked a teen in Downtown Auburn last week. After an administrative hearing held Wednesday regarding the seizure of his dogs, Daniel Coverston said he does not agree with a claim that he does not have his dogs – whose names are Ronin, Sherman, Maui and Otis - under control. “They’re very kind, very sweet,” Coverston said. “They listen to me very well.” He says he has “no idea” why they attacked another person. Coverston added that he is “so glad” the victim is OK. “I wish I was around otherwise this probably wouldn’t have happened,” Coverston said. “My dogs are my life and I just want them back in my possession.” Coverston, who said he lives alone on his Almond Street home, said he built a new fence the day after the attack. “Everyone is really devastated by this,” Coverston said. “I don’t know what to think.” Coverston’s defense attorney Dean Starks described his client and his family as “very nice people.” He said the dogs have never been aggressive before and expects neighbors to testify to that at a future hearing. He said some neighbors would let their children play with the dogs. “This was a complete surprise,” Starks said. Starks said his client is not raising the pitbulls to use them for fighting. He described the attack as “awful.” “It’s a horrible thing,” Starks said. “I’m glad (the victim) is not worse off.” Jenifer Gee can be reached at