Paint attack can’t stop Vietnam vet from flying Old Glory

By: Journal Staff Report
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A vandal’s act of desecration against the Stars and Stripes won’t stop Vietnam veteran Lonnie Brooks of Applegate from flying his flag proudly. Brooks said he was unpleasantly surprised Wednesday morning to find someone had removed his flag from its pole at his house and then poured black paint on it. Brooks said he has his suspicions but isn’t pointing a finger at anyone in particular. Instead, he’s planning to find a replacement on the weekend, spend an estimated $35, and have his flag unfurled on the pole as soon as possible. Brooks said he has flown a flag outside his house for the past nine years and never had any problems. If it’s someone upset with something he may have done in the past, Brooks said that he’s disappointed that there hasn’t been more communication to solve things on a more peaceable basis. Brooks said that he has reported the desecration and act of vandalism to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office. Personally, he will not be out to seek revenge and escalate any possible rift, he said. “It was a pretty chicken thing to do,” Brooks said. “But I’m not going to hold a grudge.” And he’s determined to soon be flying Old Glory again. “You can’t stop because of that,” Brooks said.