Palin can butt out of our state

Reader Input
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Tea Party’s Sarah Palin is already offering her opinion about California’s race for governor. Predictably, she’s not so much giving support to any candidate as she is trying to tear someone down. She claims Jerry Brown was a bad governor and “started us down the road that has led ‘us’ to our current economic problems.” Those of us old enough remember Brown being called “Governor Moon-Beam” by his critics, in large part because he ditched the expensive limos and mansions that were such a drain on California’s economy. Whatever else you might think about him, as governor Jerry Brown was among the best we’ve had in my lifetime. He didn’t raise taxes, in fact he cut them repeatedly during his term in office. He left California at the end of his term having created millions of jobs. Ms. Palin — the half-term governor of Alaska — is not someone who should have anything to do with California’s future. Palin makes political talk for cable newsbite fans and “red state” conservatives. She is so out of touch with the California scene. Ron Lowe, Nevada City