Palin makes perfect sense

Reader Input
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I just finished listening to Sarah Palin on Fox News and had to write this letter. She is so right in all she said and I hope she will run for president. My father helped putting the pipelines in Alaska. Alaska is a beautiful country. As she said, we are the “United States of America” and it’s about time we take care of our own and stop giving money to all other countries. Since the “jackass” we have for president our country has gone to the devil. He has done nothing for his own country, the “U.S. of A.” Him and his wife has flown all over the world. They never stay home and we are paying for the gasoline for them. We should be helping our own. The poor people who have no place to live, jobs lost and we are now minorities in our own country. If people want to live in our country, they should learn to speak our language, become citizens, pay taxes like we do. It makes me angry that a school in Auburn says first Salute to the Flag in English and then in Spanish. As I said before, we are a “minority” in our own country. P.S. Get rid of (Nancy) Pelosi and (Barbara) Boxer, too. They screwed up California. Nordyne (Dee) Nann, Auburn