Palm Avenue project a waste

Reader Input
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Palm Avenue, a road next to E.V. Cain Middle School, has plans to be enlarged for a sidewalk. Why not spend the money on something useful like covering dirt roads off of Crockett with cement? The sidewalk would also cut into the road’s shoulder and make more problems. The equipment used would pollute the air and would make drivers that always use the road angry. The project is a waste of money, so, Auburn citizens, do you want to spend your money on something you may never use? I never walk along Palm Avenue so I don’t think it is a good idea for road work. The project would probably take a long time to complete. Cars driving that way would have to take a longer route if they were coming from Mount Vernon Road and the post office. Do we really need this addition to the road? Kids walking to school that way will be walking further and same with the walk home, and not many kids walk that way anyway. The congestion on Highway 49 will be horrible because of the road work, too. COLE SWEENEY, student, Auburn