Parade dazzles its audience

Reader Input
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Re: “Auburn gets glowing for Festival of Lights” (Journal, Nov. 30). The Festival of Lights parade has been going on for years. It is highly anticipated and has allowed today’s youth (including myself) to be a part of something that benefits the community and to help spread the holiday spirit. The parade also raises self-esteem. Watching in the crowds are the old and the new who have set aside differences to come together for a common reason, to enjoy the dazzling lights of the parade. I even saw a Santa Claus hat bell light up. Now, you’ve got to admit that’s original. I was especially surprised when the E.V. Cain honor band came marching through the streets. The band was made up of 10-14-year-old students wrapped up in lights. They marched like a little red toy army on Christmas day marching around the tree with instruments instead of weapons; playing “Old Saint Nick Takes a Rocking Trip,” and the rocking trip part was not an understatement. They put a twist to the holiday season and gave everyone a great cheer. COLIN RUARK, student, Auburn