Parents, media fan flames of drug crimes

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I was appalled at yet another way kids are finding ways to get stoned — right from their own home (“OxyContin,” Journal, March 1). It is about time there is an investigation of the homes. Why are the parents using this? Are they not aware of its physical addiction and dependence? If so, can’t they keep it under lock and key? My question is, are parents part of the problem? If they realize the resale value of the pills sold by the children they just might go along with a kid making “$2,500-$6,800” — after all, that is a hunk of change and they probably are not exactly rich. They can get the drugs easily through their doctor and may have a continuous supply. All they need to do is continually complain of chronic pain and “easy” doctors comply, Many of today’s parents were druggies themselves and go along with the program. Also, many doctors don’t hesitate to dole out the pain-killers. Both my husband and I were sent home with plenty of pain medicines, enough to get well along the way to drug addiction. I also believe the media is doing our youth and parents great harm when they publish how much money is to be made. Parents are hurting. Jobs are lost and they are looking to many ways to make money. If they can walk into a pharmacy with a handgun and walk away with the stuff with street value of $6,500 — stop tempting them. Clariss Smith Auburn