Parents: Wake up and teach your children well

Your Views
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I agree with Rachel Barrios (Your Views, March 29). Take control and keep control of our children’s activities. Auburn has so much to offer. Sports, you name it, is there. Dance, drama, arts, Boys & Girls Club, church-oriented activities, tiny tots, pre-school, Headstart, summer camps at ARD. Parents have to prioritize what their children do. Do not sit them in front of the TV or video games and let them be raised by the media or kids hanging around with nothing to do but get into trouble and start claiming this side of the street is ours, not yours. “Let’s fight each other., because we have nothing better to do.” Parents: wake up and raise your children with morals and compassion. Auburn has something to offer everyone, young or old or in between. There are so many volunteers working in every aspect of our community. Do something constructive. Save our children. Terry Rubio Auburn