Park encrusted with goose feces

Reader Input
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Re: the article, “Fishing Derby scheduled to continue despite concerns of some” (Journal, Feb. 29): Let’s just set the record straight. Meadow Vista Park, the site of the Fishing Derby for local kids and the Meadow Vista Community Center Building Fund, is no pristine ecosystem for man nor beast, and hasn’t been for a long time, thanks to overpopulation of non-migratory geese in the park. Every surface is covered with goose feces — the picnic tables, the soccer field, the gym set, the walking path. The eco-kooks claim the derby “destroyed” the park and it has not been restored to its “former glory.” That “glory” included the pond that was already putrid from the accumulation of bird feces over years. It is similar to putting 50 goldfish in a one-gallon fish bowl. It took many man-hours to clean up the park and the pond so it could safely be used by the children for the event. You should know that each adult goose eats up to four pounds of grass and deposits two pounds of feces per day. Thanks to overpopulation and humans providing “food” (stale bread, popcorn, Cheetos), these geese become aggressive, competing for food. They carry diseases: cryptosporidiosis, giardisis, salmonella, e. coli, chlamydia. My dogs contracted cryptosporidiosis from walking on a leash in that park. I don’t take them anymore. If the eco-kooks truly loved the environment, they would try to be part of the solution and come out and pick up poop before the event! Sandra Edwards, M.D., Meadow Vista