Park fees could be raised by up to $5K on new homes

City council meeting Monday
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On the agenda for Monday?s city council meeting is an item that could raise the park impact mitigation fee in Auburn by thousands of dollars. The fee would apply to new ?dwelling units? built in Auburn. The current fee is $1,0073.28 and if approved, the revised fee would range between $4,219 to $6,849, depending on the type of home. The fees help pay for parks, swimming pools and more through the Auburn Recreation and Parks District. Mayor Kevin Hanley said the issue would likely be the most significant topic raised that night. ?It?s a big one for Baltimore Ravine since that?s the last big housing development for the City of Auburn,? Hanley said. ?City council members see that raises the prices of homes pretty substantially in Auburn, but we also want adequate park facilities for Auburn residents.? The council will also have the option to approve the city budget presented at the last city council meeting. The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Monday at the Auburn City Hall. ~Sara Seyydin