Park pool property not secure for kids

Reader Input
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Installing a security camera system at the ARD recreation park pool is not going to stop incidents like the recent assault that occurred on July 27 from happening again (“ARD board considering security camera system for pool area,” Journal, Aug. 3). Security cameras are only a deterrent, but they will not prevent future assaults. What needs to be done is to keep the general public away from the pool and locker room areas. Put a small building near the gate where people can pay to get in, and if you do not pay you do not enter the pool and locker rooms. Also, the locker rooms should not be unlocked on the gym side when the pool is open. Presently, children can enter the gym from the locker rooms and go across the gym to the lobby where they purchase candy or beverages from the vending machines there then traipse across the gym and through the locker rooms to the pool. Anyone can enter the lobby of the main building and go through the gym to the locker rooms without being noticed by the office workers in the offices opposite of the lobby. Children and food go hand in hand so why not have food for purchase at the building where you now pay? The food could be in boxes that could be taken into the main building at the end of the day if theft is a worry. Joan Anderson, Auburn