Parker showing her true colors

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I saw an article (Journal May, 20) where Kathleen Parker protested in print that when it comes to President Obama, “Washington buzz lately has become a buzz saw ...” She lamented that President Obama’s attempt at humor was viewed askance and his smallest action dissected. She also said that Americans have “thin-skinned intolerance” and a “reflexive lurch to take offense.” Is that similar to an attorney general who calls American citizens “moral cowards when it comes to matter of race?” Or maybe the same as a president speaking in a foreign land. And who tells the crowd about “American arrogance?” Ms. Parker, are you really that much of a wimp? Do you really have that jaded a world view? For four years everyone sat by and listened to the left, the press, television, movie producers, and various Hollywood half-wits call President Bush “stupid, Nazi, fascist, war-criminal, liar” and any other epithet they could lay their tongues to. Unless you were protesting as vociferously during the Presidency of George W. Bush, your liberal slip is showing. I just don’t feel much like humor when my Marine sergeant son’s done two combat tours and is slated for a third, two months from now. Military, economy, terrorism, medical insurance, energy, social policy — I just have no confidence in President Obama. I think time will eventually bear out the fact that President Obama is a good communicator and has the best of intentions. But there’s no substance to him or his policies. Kind of like Jimmy Carter, on steroids. None of the preceding four paragraphs can or should be considered even mildly “humorous.” Rocky Warren, Colfax