Partisan name-calling must go

Reader Input
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In the Aug. 28 Journal, Democrat Larry DuBois said Tea Party participants “would be better off spending time doing community service.” How insulting! Actually, how arrogant! I would like to know how much non-political service he does. I, personally, have logged some time including helping serve the hungry at Loaves & Fishes. The people at the party in Sacramento were from all over including third- and fourth-generation farmers and small business owners who are working hard to make a living and trying to raise their families the American way with responsibility, respect and the freedom to do so without the government choking the life out of them. Stop the name-calling and insults to promote your party politics. I’m tired of “when I want your opinion I’ll give it to you” attitude. Oh my! How kind of him to say “they certainly have the right to protest.” You bet your donkey we do. As for where were we during the last administration? I for one was supporting our troops and proud our country was working on keeping us safe and fighting for freedom for all. God bless America and keep us free from tyranny and safe from those who would “change” our great country. DOTTIE EVANS, Newcastle