Partisan types in for a surprise

Reader Input
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If you are a political extremist, left or right, beware the silent majority. Despite numerous gloom and doom predictions, these movements have swung the pendulum too far and there will be a massive revolt of the political center at the polls in November. The left-wing loonies (Move, which is nothing more than Woodstock revisited and the right-wing obstructionists (my way or the highway types) are in for a rude awakening. Bipartisanship is alive and well and you better be prepared, if you?re a one-issue person with a frontal lobotomy. In addition, I noticed that the ?birthers? are back at it again (re: ?Locals ask Sheriff to investigate president,? Journal, May 9). They next will probably try to investigate ?who?s buried in Grant?s tomb?? Certainly, candidates for the Darwin Award! Geary C. Tiffany, Auburn