Party needs to make good on promise

Reader Input
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Good for the Colfax Tea Party Patriots gathering to study the Constitution. All Americans should read and understand the Constitution. We used to study that in school before civics was no longer required to graduate from high school. I would like the tea party people to also study and then explain to me what they mean by free markets and limited government. I’d like to know exactly what free means. Is it free to pollute? Free to export jobs overseas? Free to ignore safety in the work place? Free to ignore fair wages and working hours? I say that good government regulates these things for the well being of all citizens. Big business is hoping to convince tea party people that to allow them to have free rein will translate to jobs, which history tells us does not happen. It only degrades the middle class and makes the rich richer. Meanwhile, the tea party Republicans, elected in November, promised to address the jobless problem first. So far they have addressed moral issues and threatened our Social Security and Medicare! Where are the jobs? Paulette Walter, Colfax