Patriotism or propaganda?

Reader Input
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David Chaddock (Reader Input, Nov. 5) certainly offers us food for thought. One might question David and his brethren — who equate patriotism with being pro-war and anti-peace — as to just which of their freedoms they think have been preserved by those who have fought and died in uniform in the literally dozens of conflicts the U.S. has been engaged in since the end of World War II. David is just the latest in a long line of patriotic hypocrites hiding behind our “true heroes” as a ruse to justify an illegal and unnecessary occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and the accompanying slaughter of hundreds of thousands of mostly innocent victims of this senseless bloodshed. One does not have to be a veteran, David, to “earn the right” to protest anything this country does. Vets for Peace — of which I am a proud member — has done more than its share to expose the criminality of what our government euphemistically calls “war.” Calling anyone in uniform a “true hero” would have drawn the loudest of guffaws from the members of my Army unit. David should familiarize himself with the works of Major General Smedley Butler, the most decorated Marine in the history of the corps, before tossing around such ridiculous propaganda. Ed Scotten, Colfax