Pawnshop a worthy Downtown anchor

Reader Input
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Re: Our View “Auburn must get real to win business,” Journal, July 9. In this article you are quoted as saying: “Is the ideal anchor store in our successful Downtown corridor really a pawn shop with bars on the windows when it’s closed?” To that I would answer yes. If the bars are really what bugs you then please consider the reason for the bars. There are tens-of-thousands of dollars in tools, jewelry, guns, etc. in that store. These not only belong to the owner but to hundreds of people who pawned them. The bars are there to protect everyone’s merchandise. Don’t look at the bars but at the young man that owns the store. In these hard times when people need some extra money to pay their rent or mortgage, pay utility bills or even put food on the table for their families, where can they take their valuables to get a short-term loan? Not to Wells Fargo, B of A or U.S. Bank but to Ron (Solomon) at the pawnshop. Ron is a generous and caring young man; not only with his money but also with his time. He has served several times as president of the Downtown Business Association and was chairman of the Black & White Ball three or four different years, helping to raise huge amounts of money for the Chamber of Commerce and many local charities. Every morning you can see him out sweeping the new Central Plaza and picking up trash. Yes! This is the type of business and people we want in Downtown. JOYCE and LYLE SOLOMON, Auburn, proud parents of a real “Pawn Star”