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PCWA missed chance to promote conservation

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Re: “Foothills coming up short in rainfall” (Journal, Feb. 4): This article would have been a great opportunity for PCWA to ask residents to conserve water, if even just a little, to help conserve our precious resource. Instead, PCWA chose to say what most residents want to hear, no problem and no changes needed. Tell that to the people in Folsom. What’s wrong with water conservation, and why can’t we talk about it? As host of an important water conference in Auburn Jan. 29, one of the many important facts I came away with was 50 percent of residential water consumption is for landscape irrigation, mostly lawns. If we want to conserve, then it makes sense to cut back on this usage by replacing thirsty turf with native plants and possibly decorative loose stone hardscape. If you feel that a lush lawn is important to you, then consider switching out older lawn sprayer heads that create fine mist and evaporation loss with newer more efficient sprayer heads that produce larger droplets that are less susceptible to evaporation. And, water early, before 9 a.m. Visit your irrigation provider and find out what’s new and more efficient. Dan G. Tajbl, coordinator, Auburn Interfaith Earth Stewardship Conference Auburn