Peer Court sets up bank account for fundraiser

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Despite losing more than $100,000 in funding, Placer County’s Peer Court system is still trying to survive. Officials have set up an account at Umpqua Bank’s Auburn branch so those who want to can donate money to try to sustain the program. Karen Green, Placer County Peer Court coordinator, said she has also attended several meetings with interested parties and broadcast the need to try to maintain the program. Officials announced the closure of the 18-year-old program July 8 after Placer County Superior Court administrators informed that due to budget cuts, they could not supply the $100,000 it had given to the program in the past. Without the $100,000, Placer County withdrew the $80,000 it also gives to fund peer court. Peer Court is a system that allows youth to be the judge and jury for other youth. Defendants in the Peer Court system were charged with committing low-level offenses ranging from battery to truancy. ~ Jenifer Gee