People in business: Auburn woman receives award

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Auburn resident Lisa Gorre Saiia was recently honored with the Wise Woman award at the 13th annual Outstanding Women Leaders awards ceremony. The award was presented by the Sacramento Valley Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners. Saiia was the first ROP dental assistant graduate in the state while attending Placer High School in 1974. She worked as a dental assistant and in 1982 established Dentassist, the first dental temporary and permanent placement service specializing in dentistry in Northern California, according to a press release. She is a curriculum writer, speaker, clinical educator and has developed an online continuing education website. Saiia is an educational adviser for 49er ROP in Auburn and other institutions, mentoring young healthcare professionals. She is also an American Red Cross disaster relief volunteer and was the shelter manager for the 49 Fire in Auburn, the Angora Fire in South Lake Tahoe and Hurricane Katrina. “The award couldn’t be given to a more deserving person,” Auburn periodontist Dr. Nicky Hakimi said in a press release. “Lisa has made many contributions to the dental profession and to the Sacramento and Auburn community with her long hours of dedicated work, and beautiful example of unselfish love.”