People of China are human

Reader Input
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This is a reply to Gordon Ainsleigh’s “China knows little of Jesus,” (Reader Input, Dec. 1, 2011). I am religious myself, but I think it is China’s decision o believe in whoever or whatever they want. You can boycott all you want against China, but it is one of the most successful nations. Two people can’t change that all by themselves. And really, you brought up abortion? Although they may force some women into abortion, do you know how many people live in China? There are at least two billion people forced to live in tiny living spaces or are homeless and living on the streets. Instead of thinking about the unborn children forced to die, why don’t you think about the alive children that are suffering? Would you want to have children be born into that? All in all, just because many people in China don’t know about Jesus, they are humans that have feelings, too. ANNALEE BALL, student, Auburn