People getting taxed mightily

Reader Input
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Re: “Rural Auburn residents speak out against $150 fire fee, (Journal, April 4):
I am so disgusted with both the local and state governments.
Two weeks ago we received a questionnaire asking us how we might feel about an extra $40 “fee” for local fire protection. That is in addition to the $150 “fee” (aka an unlawful tax) from the state of California also for said fire protection.
We already pay quite a lot in property taxes, part of which are supposed to be earmarked for fire protection.
How can these idiot politicians try to ram a tax upon us that was not put to a vote by us (the citizens)? I realize that the $40 local tax is not yet a done deal, but, due to Measure B passing in Newcastle, I feel our local genius politicians couldn’t resist trying it here, also.
Never mind that the tax that voters approved for Newcastle was supposed to give them more fire protection, not a costly (in the millions!) new firehouse.
We have done everything to our property to make it fire-safe, including the installation of a very expensive pond and professional grade irrigation system. We also are close to a local fire station.
In addition, we have cleared all brush on our property. Our pond is very deep so that it can be of use to our neighbors as well as us in case of a fire. What I don’t understand is why should those of us who take the proper precautions (at our own expense) be forced to pay for those who do not? We already pay each year for fire protection.
It is time for the politicians to stop trying to grab more of our money by taxing only some of us and calling these illegal taxes a “fee.”
Does anyone recall the mosquito vector tax that was supposed to help eradicate West Nile Virus? That money was used to build a million-plus building for the workers, not what it should have been used for — mosquito control. The mosquito problem is not solved but the workers have a nice building to work in.
Any politician who insists on trying to tax us more for something we already pay for needs to be voted out!
Donna McCloskey, Auburn