People ignore stop signs

Reader Input
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It would seem that stop signs have become a mere decoration at the side of the street. In a non-scientific study on my own, I counted only about 10 percent of drivers actually stopping when there is no other traffic. Even when other traffic is present, or there are pedestrians, only about 25 percent stop completely. The non-stops range from a slow check to see if anyone is around and looking, to completely blowing through the stop sign as if it doesn’t exist. Of course, bike riders don’t stop at all, unless they have to. It’s amazing to watch parents with young children ride right through a stop sign, teaching the child that the rules don’t apply to them. Even when a person is walking in the crosswalk, drivers barely let them get out of the way before rushing through, if they don’t cut off the poor walker in the first place. The city council in all its wisdom installed, against the traffic engineers recommendation, stop signs and crosswalks at an intersection near my home. What a joke. The intersection has now become more dangerous, not safer. I doubt that any extra funds were allocated to enforce the law, as I have never seen a police officer there, and drivers just keeping driving on through. Good luck to the high school kids walking to school, they risk their safety crossing the street in a legal crosswalk, and it’s not fellow students who are the problem, but the parents! Be cautious at stop signs. It’s clear many of the drivers on the road can’t read “STOP” or don’t really understand what it means. Candy Timoney, Granite Bay