People must be part of solution to solve oil crisis

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Re: “Fin a physical manner to this country. All they want to do is argue and snipe in the paper. You forgot you are the government. I’m out fighting. Alternative fuels are so far away. This country will be dead before it is in place. People are losing their homes, jobs, vacations, pensions and life savings courtesy of OPEC. So if you can be part of the solution stop being part of the problem. We the people don’t need you. Eighty percent of our nation’s wells are capped. A few tanks they show you are not the reserve. One month is just guessing. But I’d rather have one month of $2 gas than stand on the street with $10 gas going what happened? I used really cool words in the paper. Stop your negativity. George Bush is oresthill man proposes gas cost idea,” Journal, June 10. People never cease to amaze me! They look right at a problem in life and do nothing but complain or get the story wrong. My vehicle is a 2.5 4-cycle Chevy S10 pickup. It can go all month on one tank of gas providing I’m not driving all over the place. Secondly the others always deviate from the issue just to show people they know terms like neocons or leftist and other such political slander. They actually never provide anything positive about to blackmail this country to open the Alaskan Wilderness which we already said no on. He is manipulating the oil as he and Kennedy are big oil buddies; Kennedy has stock in four of the world’s biggest oil companies. If people unite you can control Washington. Bobby Capps Foresthill