People need to follow the rules

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According to a special saying, “The more you complain, the longer God makes you live.” I’m living a little longer because… This part is for the person who is in love with someone with initials “FML.” When I drive on Sacramento Street from Auburn Folsom (near fairgrounds) to work, there are two places with “FML” with “XOXOXO” below it. You are defacing private property! Perhaps law enforcement could track you down. That would be a hoot. Your parents could be so proud. Now about Cruise Nite. What part of “No dogs allowed” do you dog owners not understand? You know who you are. Find someone with a brain to explain what “No dogs allowed” means. Then follow it. It’s nice having the Wednesday Night Live on High Street. I do miss the carriage rides they used to have years ago when Lincoln (Way) was closed on Wednesday nights. Sally Palmer Dawley, Auburn