People of the Wild West had sense

Reader Input Online
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At least people living in towns of the wild west had the good sense to realize how deadly guns can be or the wild west would have been filled with nothing but dead people. Our gun-slinging buddies today are not as wise as they carry around concealed weapons and tote assault weapons to presidential news conferences. Wearing loaded weapons anywhere but when hunting is absurd and indicates irrational fears about becoming a victim of crime or that someone is going to take their beloved guns away. We will always be able to bear arms in this country no matter what the paranoid schizophrenics and NRA fearmongers say. The question is where should we bear arms? In Arizona bars, if Republican lawmakers have their way in that state. On college campuses; After every shooting incident you hear the call from gun advocates to arm all the students. And the National Rifle Association’s usual answer: Gun crimes will go down if there are more guns in people’s hands. How many times has this been disproved? Ron Lowe, Nevada City