Pet costs come out of grocery money

Reader Input
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There have been many sad animal stories lately (Journal, March 15). For myself, I am very thankful for Medicare, but what about my dog? He went out the window of my car a while back, chasing something, and when I got turned around, he was nowhere to be found. After a frantic hour running back and forth, I found him at the animal shelter. A man had scooped him up and taken him there. They made me pay an $88 impound fee and wouldn’t let me see him until I followed them to the vet, where it cost me another $45 for the doc to tell me he was fine. It’s a lot of money when you live on $860 a month. They beg us older folks to adopt these homeless animals and shame us into all these visits to the vet where senior discount is $5 off $45 and anything they do is added on, making sure we do without something for us. An 87-year-old friend was just charged $500 for him to pull six infected teeth. We love our pets and want to keep them healthy but it comes out of our grocery money for months to come. Hardly seems fair that they charge so much — Placer County, too. By adopting we are easing their workload. Got any ideas? Millie A. McCALISTER, Auburn