Pet owner’s lack of awareness puzzles

Reader Input
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The letter from Claire Gibson that appeared in the Journal on May 29 has me wondering why on earth someone would choose to adopt a pet if that person is not financially equipped to provide basic care for said animal. Ms. Gibson states that she and her spouse are having a difficult time providing for the basic necessities for their human child (diapers, formula, etc.). So, this begs the question again — why adopt a pet if you can barely afford to provide for your human child? Also, is Ms. Gibson not aware that the Placer County SPCA does extremely low cost spay/neutering? I have taken on the care of a feral cat on my property — I feed it twice a day, every day. I am planning on trapping it so that I can have it vaccinated and neutered — at the SPCA. I was quoted a very inexpensive amount for the service. I suggest Ms. Gibson inquire there before asking others to pay for the care of her pet. I find it unbelievable that Ms. Gibson has not heard of the SPCA’s low-cost program as it is highly publicized. Donna McCloskey, Auburn