PG&E: Auburn friend or foe?

Reader Input
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Is PG&E looking out for the best interest of its customers or is it negligent, insidious and corrupt? I believe the latter is closer to the truth. What do you think? Five people have died in the past 16 months in the Wise Canal that they manage. Thousands of people have been overcharged by their new Smart meters whilst they vehemently deny the allegations. They’ve spent $35 million so far to get the sneaky Prop. 16 passed to ensure their monopoly on energy for years to come. Hmmm… I wonder where that money is coming from? They spent $13 million to stop Yolo County from joining SMUD. They charge twice as much as SMUD or Roseville Electric for electricity and they continue to raise rates. Please take a stand to help stop this corrupt monopoly. Vote no on Prop. 16. Go solar. Write your member of congress and demand competitive alternatives like SMUD and Roseville Electric. Eric Byer, Auburn