Phantom statistics fail

Reader Input
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One wonders why Mr. Terry Moss (Reader Input, April 21) bothered to attend a forum on immigration, for his mind is already well made up and he seems to believe he has all the answers already. As for the organization he cites for his ludicrous statistics — Victims of Illegal Alien Crime — I have never heard of them and I would bet money that no reputable researcher or academic has either. (But they have a website so it must be true, right Terry?) Clearly they have their own agenda and are not willing to let good methodology or standards of valid research stand in their way. Thoughtful readers should be offended by those who use such “evidence.” The problem of illegal immigration is a serious one and will require the creative brainpower of many people to begin to resolve. That effort will not be enhanced by the phantom statistics and fear-mongering of those like Terry Moss. LAURIE WESTPHALIA, Auburn