Pick-up program to keep food waste out of sewer

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A new food-waste program could help keep Auburn’s pipes clear. The city of Auburn adopted a new program that will allow residents to get rid of their pipe-clogging fats, oil and grease through a curbside pick-up program. Once these cooking products are cooled they can be placed in a tin can or plastic bag and dropped in regular curbside trashcans. Materials adding up to between one and seven quarts can be picked up once a month after scheduling an appointment through Recology Auburn Placer at (530) 885-3735. The materials should be in a plastic container with “food grease” written on it. More than seven quarts of fats, oil and grease must be taken to Western Placer Waste Management Authority on Athens Avenue in Lincoln for free disposal. Residents with e-waste can also request pick-up through Recology. E-waste includes televisions, computer components, batteries and microwave ovens. Residents must live within Auburn city limits to request these services, and pick-up is only available once a month. Free fat trapper bags for small amounts of waste materials are available at the Auburn Public Works Department service counter. Residents who are not within city limits can take food waste to the Auburn Transfer Center located on Shale Ridge Road or to the waste management authority in Lincoln. Bernie Schroeder, director of Public Works, said the new pick-up program should help keep Auburn’s pipes clear. “We are pleased that Recology will provide these additional pick-up services for Auburn residents,” Schroeder said. “Keeping (fats, oil and grease) out of the sewer is a major issue for the city. We expect that curbside pick-up will have a substantially positive effect on the condition of our sewer system.” For more information on food and e-waste disposal, visit ~Staff report