Pick up your goat droppings, please

Reader Input
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Interesting article about the lady bringing her goats, excuse me … kids, to Downtown Auburn (Journal, Dec. 6). I guess I’m the only one in 100,000 people to complain about the droppings not being picked up. I talked to several business owners recently to see if they would mind my friends bringing their pet pigs, cows and horses to town and leave their droppings in front of their stores. Then customers could step in “it” and track “it” into their stores to shop. They all said “no way!” Sooo … droppings from livestock pets brought into town need to be picked up. Right? The last Art Walk had goat droppings on the sidewalk at the clock tower. There were people in sandals and flip-flops walking on it. Doesn’t seem right. In regards to the online comments about the article — thanks to those who agreed with me. And yes, “aimster,” I have complained about a lot of stuff over the years. Hopefully the complaints might have opened the eyes for people who needed to change: don’t drink and drive, tie your loads down, don’t run on the railroad tracks, Placer High needs to enforce a dress code, don’t build the Auburn Dam, don’t text and drive, save Sierra College vocational courses, keep the Tango orange umbrellas, etc. My family has been in this country for over 400 years. I’m thankful for those who have fought for the freedom of speech. And the freedom to “complain!” SALLY PALMER DAWLEY, Auburn