Picture man as endangered

Reader Input
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If catastrophic climate change is for real and is as devastating as most of the world’s scientists say it could be, most of us would be killed prematurely by its effects. The naysayers tell us it’s a big hoax. It’s just big corporations finding a new way to make money, and more government taking over our lives. And, anyway, for us to build an entirely new alternative energy system would create more enormous debt that our children and grandchildren would have to pay back. With our present economy the last thing we need is more debt! But let’s stop and think. What if it is a real and present danger? Can we afford to do nothing or very little? Is our national debt a bigger threat than the possible extinction of most life on earth? These are really tough questions and nobody has complete and perfect answers. And by the way, the gathering body of evidence from the applicable scientists, is that the really bad part is coming a lot sooner than originally thought. This means that most of humanity will be extinct within 40 to 50 years. It’s sort of like this is one big scientific experiment. Let’s see how much carbon dioxide we can pump into the air before the climate is radically changed and the kind of life that is now on earth will no longer be able to survive. This is basically like we’re living in a test tube, and nobody really knows how the experiment is going to work out. Neil Davis, Rocklin