Reader Input

PIP folk outdid themselves

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I am writing to send a big thanks to all those involved with Party in the Park (PIP), both those behind the scenes, and those on the hill and the “dance field.” This year’s party was a great success, both musically and fun-wise. The key to success for any event, especially on the scale of Party in the Park, is the “team” that comes together to put it on, and boy do we have a great team. While I could list them all here in this letter, I think a much better way would be to go to our Web site, where not only are there pictures up of this year’s fun, it also lists many of those who are part of the team — please use our links to learn more about them, and support those who support us! I do want to take the time to mention one sponsor in particular though, Kurt Bertilson. He’s the one who has been preserving and documenting Party in the Park since the beginning, and to top it off he built and maintains the Party Web site. Thanks Kurt, and again thank you to all others. Please check in to the PIP Web site for for memories of this year’s event and updates on next year’s, and as always. ... Keep smilin’. Scott Holbrook, Party in the Park organizer, Auburn