Pit bulls should shoulder blame

Reader Input
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In response to “Quit blaming the pit bulls,” (Reader Input, Oct. 16), get real, people? I find it hard to believe the young man did anything to provoke the attack and don’t know of anyone who would approach four unrestrained pit bulls and threaten them. If the dogs came at him, what should he have done? Run? What instinct might that have brought out?  You also seem to have a problem with the word “vicious.” These dogs didn’t just walk up and sock him in the arm. The number of puncture wounds is irrelevant. It’s my understanding that when certain breeds of dog attack, they’ll bite and hold on, violently shaking their heads, in an effort to weaken their victim and protect themselves. They’ll re-grip if they feel they’re losing it. It’s not the number of bites that matters but the damage inflicted. Your argument that, statistically, there are more bites from small dogs, is weak. You can’t compare the numbers of all small dogs to one breed. It’s not a valid comparison. And what’s the relevance of the phrase ankle-biters? As far as I know, nobody has died from having their ankle mauled. If so, I’m sure it was vicious. Tim Wilson, Auburn