Pitbulls are not scapegoats

Reader Input
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Pitbulls used as scapegoats? I don’t think so. That’s like saying police don’t report other breeds, or newspapers are not writing about other dog attacks. Pitbulls are a popular breed now, very “macho.” Animal shelters are full of them. Pitbulls are different than other dogs — they have locking jaws, much like a shark. As far as making a law to ban pitbulls, it won’t work, except make politicians look like they’re doing something. I would like to see people study the breed of dog you’re interested in, before acquiring a dog. Can a pitbull be nice? Yes. Can a pitbull be unpredictable? Yes. There was a case in San Jose where a family had a pitbull. They said it never bit anyone, yet while they were having a barbecue in their backyard, their pitbull went into their bedroom and killed their baby. You may ask yourself this question, “Do I want to gamble a serious injury to my family or neighbors and lawsuits?” If your answer is yes, then go back and look at that picture in the Auburn Journal of that ugly injury. Rip and tear. GARY Murray, Pilot Hill