Pitbulls used as scapegoats

Reader Input
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The pitbull incident in Auburn reminds us all dogs can be dangerous if allowed to run in packs. Most large dogs running in large numbers behave differently and this doesn’t apply just to pitbulls. Outlawing a breed is absurd and state law does not allow this councilman’s quick fix to become law and he likely knows it, or should. Nice sound bite but a waste of taxpayer dollars for publicity to appear like he is doing something. Large dogs of any breed can be made dangerous if owned by the likes of Michael Vick and his kind. Pits were family dogs when I grew up and were on the Motorola ads for record players. Rotts, German shepherds and Dobermans were the scapegoats then.   Hold humans accountable for their dog’s behavior and don’t blame any breed for the acts of a few. If we do that, next we will be proposing to outlaw young men in Auburn, as we all know young adolescent boys and teens are the most prone to violent behavior. Please allow common sense to prevail and hold humans responsible, or a dog, but not the breed. Our elected officials should show leadership and common sense and not incite the most hysterical among us by proposing illegal and impractical solutions that won’t solve the problem anyway. Susan Wallace, Nevada City