The place to be on a Friday night

Reader Input
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During these times when we have to be more careful with our money we are forced to cut back on our expenses. The first thing we must be concerned with is making sure we have the necessities of life (food, shelter, clothing, etc.). If there is any money left over, then we may be able to afford some form of entertainment. There are many ways to be entertained. There are the movies, watching the local sports teams from schools in the area or enjoying the canyon and everything it has to offer. E.V. Cain has a wonderful band; Placer High School has a wonderful musical department consisting of three bands, a choir and a drum line. There have been evenings over the summer when a person could see a movie for free in a variety of locations throughout the city or catch a free concert near the library. My family and I have enjoyed all of these activities and we recommend that others give them a try if they haven’t already. I’m aware there are other things to do that I may have missed. The entertainment I would like to share with the public is Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway. My family and I have been going to these races since 1999. The Joiner brothers have turned Fast Fridays into a family event. The riders and the Fast Fridays staff treat you like family. The best thing is that we’ve made some very good friends over the last 12 years since going to the races here in our lovely little town. This provides a great opportunity to socialize. If you haven’t been a part of this experience then please give it a try. Perhaps you, too, can catch the fever. MONTY HECKER, Auburn