Placer charts state’s top voter turnout for counties of 100,000+ population

By: Gus Thomson Journal Staff Writer
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Placer County voters took a tougher stance in the California special election Tuesday than their statewide counterparts. Voters throughout California showed their dissatisfaction with state government by overwhelmingly turning down a series of propositions designed to provide funding to help Legislators come to grips with a rising budget deficit. The hard-nosed approach at the ballot box was most telling in the Placer County vote on Measure 1F, with 82.79 percent casting “no” votes, compared with a statewide percentage of 73.9 percent. Placer County Clerk Jim McCauley, who oversees elections, said voter turnout at 41.45 percent was 12.61 percent above the turnout statewide. The county has just under 199,000 registered voters. The turnout meant the county ranked No. 1 in the state among those with 100,000 or more registered voters, McCauley said. “The election went smoothly,” he said. “And we had no recorded complaints.” The Journal’s Gus Thomson can be reached at Special election results from Tuesday at a glance: • Prop. 1A would impose new state spending restrictions and temporarily extend a series of tax increases adopted by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in February to help erase a $42 billion budget shortfall. Placer County: Yes - 31.53 percent, No – 68.47 State: Yes – 31.78 percent, No – 68.22 • Prop. 1B would give schools and community colleges $9.3 billion educators say they are due under Proposition 98, the minimum funding requirements imposed by voters in 1988. But the proposition would delay the payments and spread them over several years to ease the state’s current budget woes. Placer County: Yes – 31.78, No – 68.22 State: Yes – 37.4, No – 62.6 • Prop. 1C would allow the state to borrow $5 billion based on the value of future lottery revenue. Placer County: Yes – 31.82, No – 68.8 State: Yes – 35.4, No – 64.6 • Prop. 1D would tap nearly $1.7 billion in early childhood program funds over the next five years to help balance the budget. Placer County: Yes – 34.44, No – 65.56 State: Yes – 34.2 , No – 65.8 • Prop. 1E would take $460 million over the next two years from mental health services to ease the state’s budget problems. Placer County: Yes – 34.25, No – 65.75 State: Yes – 33.6, No – 66.4 • Prop. 1F would bar state elected officials from getting pay raises in years in which the state runs a deficit. Placer County: Yes – 17.21, No – 82.79 State: Yes – 26.1, No – 73.9 Source: The Associated Press, Secretary of State, Placer County Elections