Placer County can't help its fellow Americans

Reader Input Online
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The unfortunate crisis in Haiti has made me think of all of the efforts Americans have made to help those less fortunate that us. Temporary shelters, (mostly tents), clean water and portable toilets are just some of the help we have provided. As individuals Americans are the most giving people in the world. This reminds me of a situation not too long ago when couple from Loomis CA, David McCauley and Karen Burkett, helped a family of four that were having their own crisis. It may not have been an earthquake but for this family it probably seemed just as bad. They had just lost both their jobs and their house. They were without clean water, food, and shelter. David and Karen allowed this family to stay in a travel trailer on their empty lot that had water, power and sewage available. This was temporary until the family could get their life back in order. The problem was that Placer County decided it needed to enforce a code against the ability of an American to help an America n and thus the family had to leave. It seems that temporarily staying in a travel trailer no matter what the reason is against the code. Although this will fall on many apathetic ears we must all be disgusted to know that we have allowed our country to fall so low that it will not even allow our own citizens the dignity that we are so proud to give the unfortunate victims in Haiti. Individuals are much better and caring to each other in times of need than sending one to seek assistance from Government. I urge everyone to write to Placer County board of Supervisors and tell them to make the rules far and just and to eliminate those that impose unnecessary burdens on individual rights. When you vote, make sure that your candidates value Freedom and self determination over programs, entitlements and regulations. Let us hope that we don’t send Placer County Code enforcement officers to Haiti to show them how we truly treat our citizens. Dan Warren, Truckee